jettyRun seems to run with java util log system set to DEBUG level

After converting our project to use gradle (which is largely fantastic btw), we noticed that our app start up time through a jettyRun task seemed to be noticable slower. After a bit of debugging we noticed the following code in the class org.gradle.logging.internal.JavaUtilLoggingConfigurer:

public class JavaUtilLoggingConfigurer implements LoggingConfigurer {
    private boolean configured;
      public void configure(LogLevel logLevel) {
        if (configured) {
 // <------ *** INTERESTRING LINE ***
        configured = true;

Seems like this line forces the global logger (and hence all non-explicitly set loggers) to run at DEBUG level.

So, I added the following snippet to my jettyRun task:

doFirst {
    println("Resetting JDK log level to INFO...")

and this seems to fix the issue.

Anyway, is the fix appropriate, or am I missing a more elegant way of controlling log levels during a jetty run?

Thanks in advance for any help… Mike.