How do I configure Gradle's logging?

After discovering GRADLE-669, I now understand that Jetty’s logging is just passing through to Gradle’s logging.

How do I configure Gradle’s logging? For example, how do I format the output so that I get info level (and higher) logging in the “%time% %class% - %message%” format? I know it comes out that way if I add --debug, but I’d like that for info level. Also, is there any way to configure logging for certain classes? I only want warning / error level for certain 3rd party classes while I get info level for my classes. Is any of this possible? I basically want to do simple things like I might with java.util.logging or Log4j.

I took a cursory glance through the Gradle 1.1 logging code, but I couldn’t spot it.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. I love Gradle. Thank you so much for creating this thing.

Gradle’s logging can’t currently be configured in any of the ways you mentioned. I agree that it would be useful.

How do other people configure Jetty’s logging? Maybe people aren’t using the jetty plugin, but running it manually?

I’d assume many people are using their IDE’s Jetty integration.