Jenkins with Gradle .. Spawn processes from build .. Help needed!

(Shanthi Natarajan) #1

Dear All,
This is related to Jenkins … but Jenkins says that this error is thrown if gradle script is misbehaving … if you any of you have faced similar issue … kindly help me out.
My Jenkins version is 1.6 … my build server is windows … everytime I run a build jenkins throws a error like,

F:\builds\bld_fos_wrkspc\fosbuild>gradle clean build cleanGroupArtifacts groupArtifacts artifactoryPublish >log.txt

Process leaked file descriptors. See for more information
Build step ‘Execute Windows batch command’ marked build as failure
Sending e-mails to:
Finished: FAILURE

This is a simple build which does a android muti-project build and filters some files out and publishes to artifactory … It runs for around 6-7mins. Please note that the build itself completes in the background and is logged to a log file, but I am unable to send proper notification to developers because of the jenkins error on the console. From the jenkins help they suggest to run this as background process but it does not seem a good solution to me as I need to write an ant wrapper for this.

Kindly advice and please let me know if any additional details are required.