Java plugin: overriding the default configuration hierarchy

I am migrating a large, long existing ant/ivy implementation. In our existing implementation runtime extends compile (not vice versa as is the default behavior in the java plugin.). Changing this in all modules, descriptors and repositories is a very difficult especially when trying to roll out gradle in parallel.

I have been unable to find a way to access/override the default configuration hierarchy from my gradle scripts ( as I can with the sourceSets for example).

Can any one suggest an approach for altering the default configuration extensions?

Try this:

subprojects {
  apply plugin: "java"
  configurations.runtime.extendsFrom = []
  configurations.compile.extendsFrom configurations.runtime

This fix cause some seriously interesting log output… but I did find that this is already and issue in Jira might be a better fit. I think most teams are used to the provided configuration, it is an alternative to flip-flopping runtime and config. You’ll find these configs (providedCompile and providedRuntime) when you apply the war plugin.

Is this supposed to work? I’m getting infinite “Failed to notify action.” messages when I try an exactly same script.