Java-library sharing via jar when runtimeClasspath output to file

Trying to take advantage of java-library plugin in its ability to share across subprojects via class directories, not using jars…

So I have something like:


b-proj > build.gradle has a dependency to a-proj defined

dependencies {
  implementation project(':a-proj')

When I run :b-proj:classes I see only a-proj:classes running, not a-proj:jar, so that looks good.

But I need to get the runtime classpath of b-proj written to a file so when I startup Jetty I can pass that in as the classpath. So I add a custom task to b-proj that writes sourceSets.main.runtimeClasspath.asPath to a file.
When I do that it causes :b-proj:jar to run.

Any idea how I can get the classpath to a file without Gradle thinking I need the jar built?

PS: The runtime classpath output in the file refers to a-proj by its classes directory :+1:t2:, not the jar. All the more reason the jar isn’t needed.


Can you provide an MCVE?
I suspect you have something else triggering this.
I just added a tasks.register("foo") { doLast { println(sourceSets.main.get().runtimeClasspath.asPath) } } to a java-library project and executed it and the jar of that project was neither part of the output not was the task executed.

Solved by using proper artifact configuration with classes dir and referencing that across projects
Mostly per gradle doc and this helpful example from Tom Gregory

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