Java-library plugin and war plugin

(sergey.morenets) #1


I read in the documentation about new ‘java-library’ plugin and its new configurations(scopes): ‘api’ and ‘implementation’. Implementation dependencies are internal to the library.

However if I have a project with ‘war’ plugin that depends on ‘java-library’ project will it fetch ‘implementation’ dependencies and include into war file?

Documentation states that ‘java-library’ plugin is compatible with ‘java’ plugin only. So it’s not clear how it will work with other plugins.


(Stefan Oehme) #2

That’s about languages, it’s currently not compatible with the groovy, scala etc. plugins.

Yes, since the WAR is a runtime artifact and implementation dependencies are needed at runtime.

(sergey.morenets) #3

Thanks, @st_oehme

Will try that plugin and write here if I have any issues.