Java annotation processing (build and Eclipse)

This page describes how to make Gradle’s eclipse task populate the annotation processing factory path in Eclipse, so that IDE users can take advantage of annotation processing without having to switch context to Gradle. Are there any plans to make annotation processing a more first-class part of the Java project model in Gradle, and extend IDE support? Concretely, it would be cool if I could simply say

dependencies {
  annotationProcessor ''

… and have ./gradlew build, ./gradlew eclipse and ./gradlew idea work without further configuration.

I’d be happy to help with this if someone familiar with the code can provide a little guidance.

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There are no plans at this time to do this, but there is agreement that we could do better WRT annotation processing.

The first step towards improving this would be to start a discussion on how this should work. The best place to do this currently is the development mailing list.

Thanks, I started a discussion there.