It should be possible to remove lines using filter(closure)

(Jochen Berger) #1

When copying files using the Copy task, it is possible to filter the files’ content using a filter closure that is called with each line of the source. It is currently not possible to remove a line altogether. I propose that if the closure returns null, the line should be removed.

(Benjamin Muschko) #2

Did you already try to use ‘FileCopyDetails’ for this yet? Here’s an example:

task myCopyTask(type: Copy) {
  from("yourDir") {
    eachFile { FileCopyDetails details ->
      if(details.file.text.contains("some word")) {
        // add custom code that modifies text
         details.file.text = modifiedText

(Jochen Berger) #3

No, I didn’t think of that, thanks. So ‘FileCopyDetails.getFile()’ returns the target file? Anyway, I suggest that if the filter Closure returns ‘null’, the line should be removed.

(Benjamin Muschko) #4

Correct, ‘FileCopyDetails.getFile()’ is the target file. You could probably also go for one of the Ant filters. This should do the job:

filter(LineContains, negate: true, contains: ['some word'])

This filter class needs to be imported via


(Jochen Berger) #5

Thanks, that one looks fine. I’d still like to be able to remove lines with the ‘filter(Closure)’ method, but the workarounds you proposed are very helpful.

(Benjamin Muschko) #6

Sounds reasonable to me. Would you be interested in working on a pull request for this? If yes, have a look at the Gradle Project & Developer Guidelines. We are excited about every contribution.

(Jochen Berger) #7

I could create a patch if that helps. Sorry, but I don’t intend to go through all the legal/CLA stuff at the moment. I’m still exhausted from the last time I had to do that for ASF.