Filtering files using regular expressions


I’m converting the following ant code to gradle and I’m unable to figure out how to do the regex portion in gradle:

                            <comment value="#"/>
                        <replaceregex pattern="\s*(\S+)\s*="

gradle code: …

def regexp = new
    regexp.pattern = '[^ \n\t\r]+'
    filter(, comments: ["#"])
    filter(, regexps:[regexp])
    // how to do regex replacement filter?

Thank you in advance!

I find the filter closure form the easiest to use for this sort of thing. You should be able to do something like this:

project.task('myCopy', type: Copy) {
    from someDir
    into someOtherDir
    filter { line ->

Point is, the filter closure gives you each line as as string where you can then manipulate it any way you want to and return the modified result.

Thanks Gary. The filter closure did the trick:

filter { String line ->
        line.replaceAll("\s*(\S+)\s*=", "@@KEY.\$1@@=")


After playing around with it, this is what worked for me:

def param = new

param.type = ‘comment’

param.value = ‘*’

filter(StripLineComments, parameters:[param])