Issues on "Forgot password" page

I tried to use the “Forgot password” function at

There I found some issues:

  1. All of the interface is english, but the submit button is labeled “Daten absenden”
  2. I put in one of my e-mail adresses in the field “Email” and clicked “Daten absenden”.
    Then the error “No user with that email or username could be found” was displayed.
    The error message does not fit to the input possibilities, as the input field just says “Email”, but the error message tells about “email or username”
  3. As this perfectly renders the use-case of forgotten used e-mail address, I was hopeful due to the error message and tried again with my account name which I knew.
    But now the field validation says “Valid email required”.
    So if you forgot which e-mail address you used for an account, you are lost when wanting to recover a lost password.
    It would be nice if you could also put in your username as the first error message suggested.

Thanks for the feedback!

One of you guys want to take a look?

Taking a look, thanks Sterling.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Björn, I’ve registered an issue for it so it can be dealt with.

@Vampire In the meantime, were you able to reset your password by supplying the right email address?

Doesn’t matter, thanks.
It was for the account Vampire0 which can be delete now as @Rene remapped its contributions to my primary account.

Ah great, will take care of it.