Issue with {samedir} in BuildShip

(kris) #1

We recently moved from STS to Buildship.When running a build task from buildship task view console,its failing at checkstyleMain task with exception -
(Unable to create a Checker: cannot initialize module TreeWalker - Cannot set property ‘file’ in module ImportControl).
The path to the file importControl.xml is given relative to the checkstyle-configuration, using ${samedir} in checkStyle.xml.The “samedir” variable had been manually set in Gradle build script using configProperties.

(property name=“file” value="${samedir}/import-control.xml")

From gradle cmd line and previously with STS and eclispe,the same task worked fine.
Is this a known issue with Buildship or do we have any other alternative workaround for this.

(Donát Csikós) #2


If the Checkstyle Gradle plugin configuration works correctly from the command line, then I’d expect that it works from Buildship too. Can you please provide a sample project exhibiting the problem? With that, I can analyse your problem and can give feedback much faster.