Issue with {samedir} in BuildShip

We recently moved from STS to Buildship.When running a build task from buildship task view console,its failing at checkstyleMain task with exception -
(Unable to create a Checker: cannot initialize module TreeWalker - Cannot set property ‘file’ in module ImportControl).
The path to the file importControl.xml is given relative to the checkstyle-configuration, using ${samedir} in checkStyle.xml.The “samedir” variable had been manually set in Gradle build script using configProperties.

(property name=“file” value="${samedir}/import-control.xml")

From gradle cmd line and previously with STS and eclispe,the same task worked fine.
Is this a known issue with Buildship or do we have any other alternative workaround for this.


If the Checkstyle Gradle plugin configuration works correctly from the command line, then I’d expect that it works from Buildship too. Can you please provide a sample project exhibiting the problem? With that, I can analyse your problem and can give feedback much faster.