Issue when using latest.integration version string

In our project we are using latest.integration for one of the other modules that we deploy to our local repository in order to ensure that the latest version is always being used.

What I have found is that we are having issues with the message “Could not find any version that matches group:thegroup, module:themodule, version:latest.integration”. This does not happen if you have a clean/empty Gradle cache, or if you use --refresh dependencies but happens at other times.

This didn’t happen on one machine and I think the issue might be related to the version that latest.integration resolves to not being in the modules-metadata directory of the cache (e.g. 2012.1 in this case) of the affected machines.

To prove this, I copied the latest.integration directory for the module to a 2012.1 directory in the same module on an affected machine, ran with --refresh dependencies and then did another normal build and everything was ok.

I then removed the 2012.1 directory again and repeated the refresh / non-refresh run and the problem surfaced again.

Any ideas on how to track down the cause of this issue (if its unknown)?

This is with Gradle 1.0rc3 on both Windows XP and Linux.

You might have to configure how long dynamic versions are cached. See Fine-tuned control over dependency caching in the Gradle user guide.

Thanks for the reply - not sure if I’m not understanding where you are coming from or my original question wasn’t clear, but the problem is when things are cached so not sure how fine-tuning would assist? (short of possibly saying cache for no time at all?)

As an interesting aside (and possibly should be a seperate issue), latest.integration doesn’t seem to work at all with eclipse-wtp plugin…



I tried to reproduce locally but failed to. Would you be able to provide a build with instructions on how to reproduce?