Dynamic versions are not retrieved correctly from remote maven repository

If dependency resolution is configured as follows:

allprojects { configurations { all*.exclude module: 'log4j' all*.exclude module: 'servlet-api' all { resolutionStrategy { resolutionStrategy.cacheDynamicVersionsFor 0, 'seconds' resolutionStrategy.cacheChangingModulesFor 0, 'seconds'
    dependencyVersions.each { force it }
    eachDependency { DependencyResolveDetails details ->
      def forcedVersion = dependencyGroupVersions[details.requested.group]
      if (forcedVersion) {
        details.useVersion forcedVersion


dependencyVersions and dependencyGroupVersions are dependencies defined in the project.

We are using Gradle 2.11, Nexus as artifact repository and do not have snapshot releases.

Even if I specify a fixed version which is newer than the version gradle found, this most recent version does not
seem to be cached. When I switch back to ‘+’ for the dependency the old one is taken into account not the most recent
one stored in the artifact repository.

If I do the following:

  1. publish a new version of a library to nexus and my local maven repo
  2. refresh dependencies using Idea (or gradlew clean build) in another project that uses this library as dynamic version
  3. -> the dynamic version is resolved to the latest version

If I disable usage of local maven repositories an older version is taken into account.
If I retrieve the latest version from nexus the latest version is returned.
Maven metadata for this library are also correct.

We are using data based versions, i,e
2016-03-16T16-34-43, 2016-03-16T16-38-49, …

Any ideas? Thanks.