Issue using GCS as a Maven Repository

I am running into an issue where I cannot import a jar that is in GCS. I am using gradle 5.6 and my build gradle includes:

repositories {
    maven {
        url "gcs:/${repoBucketName}/maven2/"

dependencies {

The error I get is:

* What went wrong:
Could not determine the dependencies of task ':jar'.
> Could not resolve all files for configuration ':compile'.
   > Could not resolve
     Required by:
         project :
      > Could not resolve
         > Could not get resource 'gcs:/invisible_guard_jars/maven2/com/company/ig_proto/0.1.0/ig_proto-0.1.0.pom'.
            > Required parameter bucket must be specified.

Even if I hard code the bucket, I get the same error. Can someone please help. I am wondering if this is a bug in the gradle code because I am following what it says in the documentation.