Google Cloud Storage backed Maven

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Hi All,

Looking for some guidance on using Gradle with Google Cloud Storage backed Maven. I’ve read the docs but can’t find a good worked example anywhere. In particular, I’m not sure what needs to be done to make sure Gradle can connect with my bucket. Any advice gratefully received.


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A few more details:

Here is the jar in GCS that I would like to use as a dependency in a gradle project:


The build.gradle file for the project includes:

repositories {
	maven {
		url "gcs://rusa_api_poc/maven2"

dependencies {
	compile group: 'rusaapi', name: 'Domain', version: '1.0'

But when I refresh the Gradle project, I get
Could not resolve: rusaapi:Domain:1.0

Any ideas?

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Can someone help, please?

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