Is there a way to get the Maven Deployer to set file permissions?

(Gary Hale) #1

We’re using 1.0-milestone-8a with a maven deployer and the wagon scp protocol jar to upload artifacts to a server. I’d like to set the permissions on the file uploaded. In maven, this would be done with the servers/server/filePermissions element in settings.xml, but this doesn’t seem to work with gradle. I see GRADLE-1039 which seems to have been out there for a long time and is still unresolved. Does anyone know of a workaround for setting the file permissions when using the wagon scp protocol jar for artifact deployment?

(Luke Daley) #2

It’s unlikely we’d support this via supporting the maven way of using ‘settings.xml’ as it leads to non portable builds.

That said, we should have a solution for doing this. Right now, you’d have to ssh in after the upload and change them manually (you could use the ssh ant task).