Is SBT and Buildr integration on the cards?

As a matter of interest I would like to know if there will be STB and Buildr integration and perhaps with other build systems?

Which kind of integration would you like to see? There aren’t any concrete plans at this time.

Evoking a build script. - Reuse existing builds

Inject portion of a build script to be evoked. Embedding and evoking functionality. - Porting projects

We have concrete plans to improve Ant and, in particular, Maven integration. I’m not aware of other plans at this time.

What might also be useful would be to have good Scala fsc integration. Something that could provide the fast incremental rebuilds driven by a Gradle build.

Have you tried the fsc integration of the Scala plugin?

We could potentially do some goodness here with the daemon, such that the daemon takes care of managing fsc, and the scala plugin uses it by default.

Last time I checked, one had to manually restart fsc whenever the contents of a compile dependency changed. That’s something to keep in mind with regard to our fsc support.

If have SBT sub project / dependent project how do I use it without conversion or modifications?

There is nothing Gradle provides out of the box here. You could exchange artifacts via a repository, invoke sbt with, say, a Gradle ‘Exec’ task, or develop a deeper integration yourself.

Some form of integration through the scala plugin or perhaps a plugin on its own is useful. Learning multiple build management systems is difficult and I personally prefer gradle oppose to maven which is the other system I have used. But I think there should be some for of support where gradle can use other build systems without the end user have to untangle the complexities of the process or even having to learn them.

The plugin based action in STB is difficult to get the same side effects seamlessly by just putting the dependencies in the resolvers.