Embedded / External Builders

I think it is a good idea to have some support for other build tools on this what other dependent project might use. This can be supported in two fronts:

  1. Embedded tools for common tools like Maven, STB, ant, Ivy, etc. 2) External tools other build

Many build management systems use Maven or other well know layout in which case such format can be specified to use downloaded artifacts.

Also there should be way to pickup files or outputs and artifacts if the format is not popular formats. A simple framework to do deep imports when required and specify repository layouts.

Ways to pass control and command line information and scriptlets if needed.


It will be great for Gradle adaptation if it can work with other popular JVM based build tools as certain projects might not use Maven or Gradle. Any comments on this idea?

I think Gradle should aim to have deep integration for the following project types: Ivy Maven SBT Buildr

This would make life a lot easier.

And perhaps a framework to invoke external / other build management systems and a way to pick up artifacts than a crude execute. Also import any artifacts to the gradle repo.