Is it possible yet to use the signing plugin with maven-publish?

(David M. Carr) #1

I realize that the 1.5 publishing work is in progress, so a response of “it’s not ready yet” is perfectly fine. I was trying to convert one of my builds to using maven-publish with a nightly build (, and overall had good luck. Publishing was working, including my main jar, customized pom, sources jar, and javadoc jar. The only thing I couldn’t get working was signing.


Thanks for trying out the new publishing stuff: good to hear it’s mostly working for you.

I wouldn’t yet expect signing to “just work” at this stage. However it might be possible to manually add the signing artifacts to the publication.

You can take a look at the plans for the new publishing plugins in the design doc: You’ll see that integrating the signing plugin is on the list, but it’s still a ways off. If you’re very keen to have this working and have the inclination, this would make a valuable contribution.