What are people using for publishing to a maven repository?

(jesper.holmberg) #1

I just returned to gradle usage after about a year of absence, and I have been surprised that the maven publishing situation has not improved in the meantime. I’m starting to feel as though I am missing something, so I guess I better ask what people are using these days to publish their artifacts.

We need to distribute our artifacts through a Nexus server, although we’re not particularly bound to just Nexus. There are at least three options:

  • maven-publish. This official plugin was released more than three years ago, and still incubating. It still can’t be used for signing artifacts, doesn’t support webdav as transport, and no missing features seem to have been implemented for a long time.

  • gradle-nexus-plugin. Apart from the fact that it seems tied to just Nexus servers, it was also abandoned more than a year ago.

  • maven. The documentation for this plugin has for the last four years stated “This chapter is a work in progress”. However, it seems that this plugin is the only working option if you need something that was not implemented in the initial release of the maven-publish plugin.

So, what are people using?

(John Scancella) #2

we use a custom plugin for uploading to our local artifact repository, but for uploading to maven central have a look at our config

Also, maven central’s documentation is pretty good http://central.sonatype.org/pages/releasing-the-deployment.html and http://central.sonatype.org/pages/gradle.html