Is Gradle C++ plugin ready for enterprise projects?

Looking at the documentation it appears that for simple projects it is possible to use Gradle C++ plugin successfully. Has anyone scaled this up to an enterprise level project yet? If so, does it scale well and easy to manage? I love the idea of using Gradle for C++ applications because of flexibility and I’d like to use Artifactory with Gradle’s dependency management for my C++ application.

It’s still very much in the development stages and there is still a lot to be done. Some people are using it for real work, but this tends to be for Java code bases with a smaller C++ component. It’s difficult to answer your question without specific points to respond to.

Hi, We are in the mobile game development with client code in C++ / Marmalade and server side code in Java (servlets). So looking at the possibilities for using gradle for client side code as we use maven for java code base already. Can you shade some lights on this?

Can you please provide some information on what your requirements are.