Is gcc compiler worth to be called in build.gradle

Hello Everyone,
I 'm new to Gradle forum and just now started using gradle script for one of the project.

I want to build cpp file in linux (SuSE) using gcc compiler +linking, but after visiting gradle site i found the gcc is incubating and may change in up coming gradle release. please refer to below link

my question is can i still go ahead and make use of gcc t build cpp file in linux (SuSE), if so what is the best approach which i can adopt to build cpp file using gcc in llinux.

waiting for your reply


Did you have a look at the actual documentation and example projects?

If something is incubating in Gradle, it may indeed change in any minor release, that’s why it is incubating, because its API is not yet stable enough regarding possible changes to fulfill the usual backwards compatibility guarantees Gradle provides. All this usually means is, that if you update Gradle to a newer version, even minor, it could be necessary that you adapt to breaking changes. During normal usage, you should usually have the Gradle wrapper in place for every project, that makes sure your project is always built with the exact same Gradle version the build is written with and thus should work as designed.