Are there examples of really trivial C++ builds using Gradle?

Chapter 54 of the Gradle 2.0 guide gives chapter (!) and verse on all the options and such like. However I want to have a really trivial, convention over configuration build. I want to have all my source in src/executable/cpp and the line “apply plugin: ‘cpp’” in the build.gradle file and for gradle to then build me the executable. I then do perhaps want a way of changing the name from a.out to something more useful and to supply compiler argument such as optimization. Am I just missing something in the user guide? Are there any examples of such builds already available?

Have you checked the samples in the full Gradle distribution?

I’m afraid I have. If this is the way of writing native code build in Gradle then I will stick to SCons – or Waf, CMake, or even Make. The samples give me no confidence that Gradle has any future in native code builds.

Is my SO answer here the sort of thing you mean?

Sort of. Why isn’t something like this front and centre in the user guide? The guide reads more like a manual not a guide, a guide should have tutorial information.