Inter-binary task dependencies with new model API

Hello all,

I have a custom component type with two binaries. Each binary has a task, one of which depends on the other. How can I make that task dependency a reality without knowing the component names ahead of time?

Using this gist as an example, I need tasks.generateCmpOneBinaryTwo to depend on tasks.generateCmpOneBinaryOne (similar for cmpTwo’s tasks).

Thanks, Chris

I seem to have something that works, whether it’s the best approach I’m not sure.

Remove the @BinaryTasks methods and replace them with:

void createBinaryTasks( ModelMap<Task> tasks, ModelMap<MyCmp> cmps )
    cmps.each { cmp ->
        def binOne = cmp.binaries.binaryOne
        def binOneTaskName = binOne.tasks.taskName( 'generate' )
        def binTwo = cmp.binaries.binaryTwo
        def binTwoTaskName = binTwo.tasks.taskName( 'generate' )
        tasks.create( binOneTaskName ) {
            outputs.file binOne.file
            doLast {
                logger.lifecycle( "Building ${binOne.file}." )
                binOne.file.text = binOne.content
        def binOneTask = tasks.get( binOneTaskName )
        binOne.tasks.add( binOneTask )
        binOne.builtBy( binOneTask )
        tasks.create( binTwoTaskName ) {
            inputs.file binOneTask
            outputs.file binTwo.file
            doLast {
                logger.lifecycle( "Building ${binTwo.file}." )
                binTwo.file.text = binOne.content + inputs.files.collect { it.text }.join( '\n' )
        def binTwoTask = tasks.get( binTwoTaskName )
        binTwo.tasks.add( binTwoTask )
        binTwo.builtBy( binTwoTask )