IntelliJ module filename different from project and workspace name in 2.8

One of our integration tests (which carries the name of the spock test) started failing on 2.8-rc-1 due to a change to the generated IntelliJ module name (not the missing for-):


Could this be a side-effect of the project name de-duplication changes? Example here:

Thanks! @Danny_Thomas1

This indeed seems to be coming from the deduping. We’ll let you know when there’s something new to test.

Yeah that Is indeed a sighteffect of the new deduplication strategy. part of the deduplication is that duplicate siblings in the project names are removed. The idea is to prevent names like “MyModule-MyModule-api-MyModule-Module1”. Maybe we should state that aspect of the changed deduplication logic more clearer in the release notes.

Great - I’ll just rename the spec in that case. Appreciated!