IDEA workspace libraries renamed with a hyphen instead of colon

Using Intellij 13.1.5/Gradle 2.1, I have a multi module project. If I add a compile dependency such as 'org.dbunit:dbunit:2.4.8" (which library doesn’t matter) and click the refresh button in the Gradle tools window, the names of the libraries in the project setting is changing from using a colon separator to using a hyphen and the group name is no longer in the library name.

This happens for all dependencies specified in all modules. So my custom Webapp artifact breaks, because it was referencing say “Gradle: aopalliance:aopalliance:1.0” and now the library name is “Gradle: aopalliance-1.0”.

I’m sure this happened in IntelliJ 14, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it lately. I’m trying to determine if my team requires to upgrade to version 14, or would version 13.1.5 suffice.

Any ideas or hints what might be going on?