Instrumented build

Earlier we were using the Make build system and RTRT for build instrumentation now moved into gradle build system.
The new build system is working fine for creating uninstrumented build.
Now we are facing challenges like creating the instrumented build using RTRT with gradle.
One of the below command used in make file for instrumentation which we are not sure how to do in new environment
-ID:\Workspace/features/bsp/shared -mcpu=604 -mstrict-align -msdata=none -mvthreads -G 0 -ansi -MD -Wall -Werror -fvolatile -fno-builtin -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-crossjumping -g -O2 -DCERT
-ID:\Workspace/bin/platformProvider -DGPM300 -DLIBRARY_BUILD -c Api.c -o D:/Workspace/objects/features/A/library/lib/Api.o"
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