IncrementalTaskInputs - will it be part of Gradle 1.7?


i’m using IncrementalTaskInputs feature of Gradle 1.6. It is a very good feature and it helps me in finding out which input has actually changed. But unfortunately ,this feature is still in incubation . So i would like to know whether this will be part of Gradle 1.7 or not.? And also when are you planning release Gradle 1.7 ?


This feature will be included (most likely unchanged) in 1.7. We won’t be removing this support, but we do have plans to make significant improvements in the future. These improvements will almost certainly not be backward compatible, so the feature will remain ‘incubating’ for the foreseeable future.

The fact that the feature is incubating means that you may need to adapt your build to changes in the DSL/API for future Gradle releases. But we are fully committed to supporting this use case.