Identify/configure Maven exec plugin version used by JavaExec

I’m a low-level Gradle-user so I may have got this wrong. Please bear with me.

This springs from a problem I have using JLine when using gradle build and gradle run, as described here.

JLine is a way of using jna to grab console-inputted characters one-by-one, as they are typed by the user, without having to wait for Enter to be pressed. Currently gradle run and gradle build in my project do not pause for user input. However gradle installDist produces a distributed app (or whatever you call it) which works fine: waits for and then responds to each character typed.

The JLine author G. Nodet has replied to my above post at SO and suggested that the problem may be due to Maven exec plugin using pre-Java 7. But the latest version of the Maven exec plugin (1.6.0) does indeed using Java 7. I seem to have found out that Gradle’s JavaExec task and application plugin use this Maven exec plugin (?) … but which version?

How might I find out what version of the Maven exec plugin my current Gradle application plugin is using? If I find it is using an old version, how might I then configure the application plugin or JavaExec task to use a downloaded version of the Maven exec plugin 1.6.0?