How can I build a Gradle plugin with Maven?

I want use gradle-core.jar version > 3.2, but .jar doesn’t contain, if check version <3.2 you find
Which dependencies are needed?

Firstly, this is a strange request… are you sure that you want to do this? Perhaps a bit more explanation of your setup could help get a better answer. Why do you need a gradle task if you are doing everything in Maven?

Secondly, I don’t think you’ll find these jars in a repository (eg Maven Central) have you considered firing Gradle from Maven? See

And lastly, if you want to build a Gradle task in Maven (not recommended) you could see what jars are on the buildscript classpath using the following build.gradle

task printBuildscriptClasspath {
    doLast {
        buildscript.configurations.classpath.files.each {
            println it
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Hello Lance, I am trying to create custom gradle plugin, but the project (custom plugin) using maven and need to add dependencies gradle-core… and etc, but gradle-core-5.2 doesn’t not contains, but gradle-core 3.0 contains
Could you say where is now? What dependence should I add?

I suggest that you read my response again