I would like to specify a versioned dependency on a project


I use:

dependencies {

compile project(’:freeplane’)

compile project(’:freeplane_plugin_script’)

} in project ‘:freeplane_plugin_formula’. However, the project ‘:freeplane_plugin_script’ contains:

version=‘1.0.1’ And thus I get:

  • What went wrong: A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:freeplane_plugin_formula’. > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:freeplane_plugin_formula:runtime’.

Received unexpected module descriptor freeplane:freeplane_plugin_script:1.0.1 for dependency freeplane:freeplane_plugin_script:unspecified.

Required by:


=> so how can I tell ‘:freeplane_plugin_formula’ to pull version 1.0.1 of ‘:freeplane_plugin_script’?

Many Thanks in Advance, Felix

All projects of a multi-project build should have the same version. I’d apply that version number to all your projects. That should fix your issue.

hi Mark,

I didn’t know about this, it works great!

Thank you, Felix