Dependencies with different versions in multiproject in idea


I have the following setup:

project1 uses library xyz in version 1.12
project2 uses library xyz in version 1.13
project1 is configured as project dependency in project2.

In commandline my build is working like a charme.
Importing it to idea by opening the build.gradle of the rootproject I get the following configured in IntelliJ

Dependencies of project1 contains version 1.12 of library xyz
Dependencies of project2 contains version 1.13 of library xyz
project2 contains project1 as project dependencies

So I have this library twice on classpath in the upper module, which is very uncool.

Did I some mistake or is this a known bug?
Any help would be helpful.


Have you been able to resolve this issue?
I think I have been fighting with the same problem


Hi Nikolay,

I have configured the following

project('uiproject') {
  dependencies {
     compile(project(':coreproject')) {
        transitive = false

Is not cool, seems like a workaround, but at least works for us.