How to use ivy-publish to publish 2 ivy files?

Hi, All,

I want to have 2 ivy files be published from on project, each as: 1. ivy.xml 2. ivy-[revision].xml The content should be identical except the publication number:

<info organisation="org" module="module" revision="2013.10.07" status="release" publication="20131007215042">

I vaguely rememberred I have such files generated once before, but now I can’t get it anymore, with code similar to:

layout('pattern') {
                artifact 'lib/[artifact](-[classifier])(.[ext])'
                ivy 'etc/ivys/ivy.xml'
                ivy 'etc/ivys/ivy-[revision].xml'

Now it only generate ivy.xml file.

Any idea?


Hi, gradle expert, any idea on this?