How to update Gradle

I am using Android Studio and i am trying to build Generate Singled Bundle. When i choose “Android App Bundle” and click next, it says "Generating signed Bundle requires you to update the Android Gradle plugins to version 3.2.0 or higher.

I download latest version of gradle and unzipped. Placed the new path to "File - Settings - Gradle - Service directory path:

Still doesnt work… Any idea how i could update my Gradle and why that says i have to update because i have already have version 4.10.1.

go to project dir in terminal and write command:
./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version ‘5.1’

Mmm. So i click from bottom Terminal and paste that there? Like C:\Users\Username\ApkProjects\TapAndLearn1>./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version ‘5.1’

When i paste that to in that section it says “the command was not recognized as internal or external command…”

you have windows, so you need to write:
gradlew.bat wrapper --gradle-version ‘5.1’

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you are doing right but that project is not gradle project, there is no gradle files there
what are you doing?
I though it was gradle sorry

So that is builded with unity and need to sign with Generate Signed Bundle so i can publish in play store. I have no qlue what to do anymore.
Thank you anyway!

Now i updated Gradle in “New Project” but that didn’t came to my existing project. At New Project i could Generate Signed Build.

Any ideas how i could add Gradle to my existing project?