How to turn off screen output in gradle 4.6


A short time ago we started a project to upgrade grails from 3.3.2 to 4.0.1, which included upgrading gradle to 5.6.4.

when going back to gradle 4.6, when I run gradle I get a lot of screen output which I never had before. For example

<-------------> 0<-------------> 0% INITIALIZING [0s]

Evaluating set <-------------> 0% INITIALIZING [0
<-------------> 0
m <

How do I turn this off?

There are a number of us that run the gradle file, but no one else gets the same output messages, so I don’t think anything has changed in the project. I even get this when I attempt to run a non-existant task file.

I did see somewhere that running with the -q flag would reduce the output but it didnt seem to help. I did some general searching on google but didnt find anything to help?

thanks for the help

regards Carl