Control/Filter output of gradle tasks

(Adrian Lis) #1


I recently upgraded Gradle (now I am using 3.5 but also tested 4.0 nightly builds) and I see increased number of tasks that are generated automatically from plugins I use (my gradle usage is multiproject native application).

In 2.14 I didn’t see a group of tasks under: [Build Dependents tasks] at all. Now there are lots and lots of tasks.

This makes using gradle tasks hard to use since it lists so many tasks that are actually irrelevant for my project (that is they are never run directly) At this point the output from gradle tasks is 318 lines long and this with my android subproject disabled that builds its own dependencies. With them the output just overflows the buffer for command line on windows.

Is there actually a way to control the list of tasks displayed under gradle tasks or at least filter out the output?