How to output the ant.exec() result to console?

Suppose I have a helloworld.php file that does a simple

echo ‘Hello World!’;

then I have a gradle task

task hello << {

ant.exec(executable: ‘php’) {

arg(value: ‘helloworld.php’)



When I run

gradle hello

I’m just getting the “BUILD SUCCESSFUL” output. How can I get the “Hello World” output as well?

Thank you in advance!

First of all, why aren’t you using an ‘Exec’ task instead?

I was trying something like

task hello(type:Exec) {

commandLine ‘php helloworld.php’


But I was getting error:

A problem occurred starting process ‘command ‘php helloworld.php’’

Not sure how to do it the right way. Unfortunately I didn’t find examples on how to do it in the documentation.

I think it should be ‘commandLine ‘php’, ‘helloworld.php’’. For an example, see ‘Exec’ in the Gradle Build Language Reference.

Thank you! What made me confused is the following statement in the documentation:


The full command line, including the executable plus its arguments.

I thought both executable and arguments were supposed to go together.

Thanks again!


I do need answer to the same question. And to answer you question - I do need ant.exec because Exec doesn’t resume until the process finishes.


You can use the following:

ext ['cmd'] = 'php helloworld.php'
exec {
    commandLine 'sh', '-c', cmd
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Thanks, but I have one more requirement here: I need to spawn another process and not wait for it to finish.

The use case is integration testing. I want to start the server, run my integration tests, then stop the server. Obviously I can’t wait for the server to exit before I run the tests. :slight_smile:

I’d use plain Java ProcessBuilder in this case.