How to modify copyright in windows startup script

I have inherited a project built with gradle. The generated windows startup script that is generated by the CreateStartScripts task has a copyright header in it. I would like to update the text. But I can not find out any info on how that header is generated. any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

It is part of the template the generation task uses.
If you want to modify it, you can either use an own template, or you can post-process the generated file in a doLast action of the startscript generation task.
But keep in mind that modifying the license could violate the license, IANAL though, so :man_shrugging:.

Thanks for the info. How would I use my own template?

With Kotlin DSL

tasks.startScripts {
    (unixStartScriptGenerator as TemplateBasedScriptGenerator).template =
    (windowsStartScriptGenerator as TemplateBasedScriptGenerator).template =

With Groovy DSL

tasks.named('startScripts') {
    unixStartScriptGenerator.template =
    windowsStartScriptGenerator.template =

Thank you again. I have fixed my problem