How to generate the startup-script in Windows PowerShell?

I use the application plugin to create startup script (on windows). Currently only for /bin/sh and cmd.exe version was generated, but I want to use PowerShell one directly.

I’ve written PowerShell version of startup like . But I can’t find the way to integrate it to gradle. Digging into the grade source, I can’t find the easy way to do that.


If you want to replace the contents of the Windows script that is usually generated, you can simply set the template used by the windowsStartScriptGenerator. Note: This is a Gradle 2.4 feature.

startScripts.windowsStartScriptGenerator.template = resources.text.fromFile('customWindowsStartScript.txt')

At the moment you cannot tell the task to use a different start script name. If you’d like to use a different script name, you could probably just rename it after the fact.

startScripts.doLast {
    // rename file by referencing startScripts.windowsScript