How to merge 'project-report' reports

I have a gradle multi project setup. In main build.gradle I use project-report plugin as below:

apply plugin: 'project-report'
          htmlDependencyReport {
     projects = project.allprojects
           subprojects {

It generates a html report for main project, containing links to subprojects’ html reports, which contains dependencies for each configuration (e.g. runtime, compile etc). What I really want is to have one html report for main project, having dependencies listed for each configuration combining all sub-projects’ dependencies.

My intention is to see all dependencies of all sub-projects in a single report per configuration. So I appreciate any other suggestions.

Although not nearly as high-fidelity as the HTML report. The standard textual report does output a “merged” report.

task deps(type: DependencyReportTask) {

projects = project.allprojects

outputFile = file("${buildDir}/dependencies.txt")


Thanks for answer Mark. This produces a single file, but still not ‘merged’ as I expected. It lists dependencies first grouped by project and then configuration. What I want is list of combined dependencies of all sub-projects, grouped only by configuration. So, one group of runtime dependencies, having all runtime dependencies of sub projects combined; and another group of test dependencies, having all test dependencies of sub projects combined, etc… Smth like this:

–Dependencies Report:-- runtime :


-> This comes from sub proj1


-> This comes from sub proj2

… testCompile :


-> This comes from sub proj1


-> This comes from sub proj2 and proj3

Unfortunately I don’t believe what you are looking for is possible via the built-in report tasks. You could certainly develop something yourself by simply iterating over the dependencies in the configuration for each project and writing them out to a file.