Add an HTML dependency report

The current ‘gradle dependencies’ and ‘gradle dependencyInsight’ reports are quite useful, however the text format limits the amount of useful information we can provide.

It would be nice to add an HTML report that shows the dependencies of each project in the build. The report might allow, for example, navigation through project dependencies. It might also include the kind of information the the dependency insight report shows, so that it is possible to navigate from a given external module to all the places where that module is present in the dependency graph.


I really like Gradle and wanted to bring my modest contribution.

I thus crafted an implementation for this idea, ready to be submitted as a pull request. Please be indulgent: these are almost my first lines of Groovy, and I’m not a graphics designer, so the HTML report might look a bit crude.

See my github repo for the changes brought to the gradle code, and this URL for how the HTML report of the dependencies of the gradle project itself looks like (note that I added a fake foo:bar dependency to the core module before generating the report to show how unresolved dependencies look like in the report).

Please tell me what you think about it. If you’re interested by this contribution (or by this other one I submitted a few days ago), I’ll be happy to start the contribution process.


The report looks great. Can you make a pull request for this?

Done. See

It’s awesome to see that it was implemented that fast. Thanks! Joleen from

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