How to inject dependencies in gradle project

How to inject our custom jar file in to project. for example there are 2 projects ProjectA , ProjectB and after gradle build command there are 2 jars are generated with in the 2 projects of build\libs folder (ProjectA.SNAPSHOT-0.0.1.jar , ProjectB.SNAPSHOT-0.0.1.jar) and now i want to use ProejctA.jar in to ProjectB project so how to give dependency in ProjectB?

the same I am familiar with Maven but as I am new beginner its lagging.
Can any one advise

the same thing we can achieve maven using dependency with artifact id & group id and it will reflect in maven library in eclipse after refresh the project

but how to achieve in the gradle

I tried to give in the classpath of the dependency but its not working


Got the solution

Need to execute gradle install command