Adding Android Application project as dependency

(Wentao Ji) #1

I’m trying to migrate from maven to Gradle for an Android project and I am facing the following issue:

I have three projects i.e


  • projlib


  • projA


  • projB




Basically what I want to achieve is that projB depends on projA and projlib. projlib is a lib folder that compiles and generates a lib(jar) file. projA is an Android Application and projB is another Android Application that needs to reference code in projA. Right now what I have added in the projB build.gradle file is

dependencies {

compile project(’:projlib’)

compile project(’:projA’)


So say if there’s a class FooProjLib in projlib and FooProjA in projA

Then In projB I can do

FooProjLib foo = new FooProjLib

which works fine

but when I do

FooProjA foo = new FooProjA

Gradle gives me package projA does not exist, what I have observed is that both dependency is resolved but only the lib can be reference and not the apk.

projB is essentially a test server that runs tests against the application projA, so I need to have a way for projB to access code in projA. I can do this in maven with a provided dependency. I’m not sure how to achieve this with gradle. How do I solve this?