How to implement BUILD_NUMBER in gradle?

I am trying to declare a build_number and release-version in gradle using by rewriting a ant script to gradle.

	<property name="Interface-Version" value="V2" />
	<property environment="env"/>
	<property name="label" value="${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"/>
	<property name="Release-Version" value="${env.release_version}"/>

Use extra properties.

ext {
  releaseVersion = System.getenv('release_version')

It prints out null. Am I suppose to hard code the version number somewhere in the env settings?

Where are these environment variables coming from? Are they set by your continuous integration server?

Ant is simply grabbing environment variables. What I showed is the Gradle equivalent. There is no such thing as a “build number” in either Ant or Gradle. I expect something (Jenkins, TeamCity, etc) is injecting them into the environment.

It’s probably Jenkins I have 3 Jenkins file but none of them specify “Build_number”.

It does look like those are Jenkins environment variables another way you could do it is something like this (if you’re using git)

def gitVersion() { if (!System.getenv('CI_BUILD')) { // don't care return 1 } def cmd = 'git rev-list HEAD --first-parent --count' cmd.execute().text.trim().toInteger() }