How to extend the gradle plugin functionality? How to make reference to a external plugin from Myplugin.groovy?



If I try to use the following gradle plugin and I create a new standalone plugin from there, implementing the new functionality into src/main/groovy/gradle/plugins/MyNewplugin.groovy I’m not able to make reference to it in order to load its functionality and extend it.

I tried different ways to do it, but it did not allow me to reach my goal.

E.g. :

I added “project.task(‘BuildDocker’,type: Docker)” into MyNewPlugin.groovy and I can build it “gradle build” but when this plugin is called from another place is not able to resolve the ‘Docker’ type. Any idea?

(Benjamin Muschko) #2

This question is likely better asked on the corresponding GitHub repository of the plugin.

BTW: Just a quick guess - did add an import statement to your build script for the Docker type?


Yeah, I did it but it didn’t work.

(Schalk Cronjé) #4

Assuming you want to extend an existing plugin, but creating a new plugin.

In this case you’ll need to add the Maven coordinates of the Transmode plugin to the implementation or compile configurations.

BTW there are a number of Docker plugins for Gradle. Have you looked at the others to see whether they are already providing thedunctionality you might need. There is also a Packer plugin which make light work of building Docker images.