Custom plugin that extends external plugin


(RJ Ewing) #1

Is it possible to extend a task defined in an external plugin, within a custom plugin?

I am moving my common build logic into a gradle plugin for my organization.

In a few projects, I have implemented the same task:

task jsExternalLibs(type:MinifyJsTask) {
    doLast {
         //same code in each project

I would like to move this to the custom plugin I am building. How can I extend the MinifyJsTask from “com.eriwen.gradle.js” in my custom plugin?

(Stefan Oehme) #2

Tasks are plain old Java classes. You can literally just extend that class with your own and add the logic you want to it.

(RJ Ewing) #3

I thought so…

My problem was that I needed to add “” to the
repositories block, then add the plugin to the compile dependencies