How to dispaly the taskGraph in logging

I’d like to learn the process of taskGraph building of gradle-8.1.1-src assemble tasks, and now I’ve seen the file “” and doc of working with logging in gradle-8.1.1 User Manual, but still not understand how to exactly achieve it. Please tell me if there’s any existing answer or just give me some advice. Best wishes. :gradlephant:

now the problem could be more detailed. I see a Discuss about the task tree and run the command “./gradlew tasks --all --no-configuration-cache” then meet the problem:

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':tasks'.
> Could not create task ':api-metadata:embeddedIntegTest'.
   > Cannot set the value of task ':api-metadata:embeddedIntegTest' property 'cachesCleaner' of type using a provider of type

Sounds like some build bug to me, but actually if I do ./gradlew tasks --all --no-configuration-cache in the master and also in the v8.1.1 tag, it works just fine.
As it seems like some classloader problem from a cursory look on the error message, maybe try to kill the Gradle daemon first using ./gradlew --stop and then try again.

I’d like to know if the change would lead to the problem that I modified the file Gradle.properities of :
org.gradle.dependency.verification=strict => =lenient, because of the warning:

And the file /gradle/verification-metadata.xml has the setting:
< verify-metadata>false < /verify-metadata>
< verify-signatures>true < /verify-signatures>
I’m not sure if there’s any trouble
Finally, there must be something wrong because it still failed with new daemon :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have no idea, I didn’t use dependency verification much.
But here it works fine as-is without any changes.
Seems more that you got corrupted dependencies if the verification fails.