How to develop a plugin for a language that is not suppoerted?

I would like to develop a plugin(-structure) for things that run in an AVM2 (Actionscript Virtual Machine 2). I know that there is the GradleFx Plugin, but after looking at the plugin structure for the java plugins


it looks to me as if it could make sense to build a similar structure (even if it might not be that nested in the beginning), building on LanguageBasePlugin that would allow a plugin to stay up to date an profit from that work that is done in this area.

But from only looking at the source code I don’t get the big picture.

Is there a documentation that can provide such an overview and hints of how to create a similar structure for a plugin?

Sorry for the delayed reply. You’re correct in thinking that you might be able to leverage the LanguageBasePlugin to get all sorts of good things from the Gradle infrastructure. However, the JVM language plugins (org.gradle.language.*) are very new and being actively developed. I’d suggest holding off for a few months before you try to leverage any of this work.

I’m curious where this is at right now. I’m trying to convert the Kotlin plugin to use the infrastructure but it seems to have changed since last i looked plus some basic documentation would be fantastic if it’s ready. Even if it’s a work in progress.