How to deal with multi project configuration

I have several projects [A, B, C], A depends on B and C. I want to move to a multi project build configuration. Today my projects live on SVN, completely isolated. I was wondering if the only way to use the multi project build features is if I move the projects to the same repository, imagine something like:

MyPorject --A ----build.gradle --B —build.gradle --C —build.gradle --build.gradle

Suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

As of Gradle 1.0, your options are:

  • Always check out all three projects in the same relative locations, and make one of them the root * Use Subversion externals * Relocate all projects to a shared Subversion repository

Thanks for your help, I will go for the 3rd option, seems like the best idea

Can you please tell me the code details.

Can you be a bit more specific about what you are looking for?