How to customize dependencies in "ivy-publish" plugin?

(jagt chen) #1

In one of our project we use a constant string ‘default’ as a place holder for dependency revisions.

compile group: ‘codehaus’, name: ‘jackson’, version: ‘default’, configuration: ‘runtime’

We resolve this by using a custom ResolutionStrategy and works pretty smoothly.

Later we found that both ‘ivy-publish’ and ‘uploadArchives’ plugin generated ivy files use ‘default’ as the revision.

<dependency org=“codehaus” name=“jackson” rev=“default” conf=“runtime->runtime”/>

We really need the ivy files to contain the actual revision used. I noticed that this has been mentioned in the future features of ivy publish plugin. I’m wondering if this can be done or workaround with Gradle current release?

Thanks in advance.

(Baiyan Huang) #2

I noticed this is a recommended approach in user guide:, section Implement a custom versioning scheme, not able to produce the right ivy.xml file seems like a bug to me?

(Justin Ryan) #3

Via the nebula-publishing-plugin (, we produce resolved Ivy (and Maven) files.

(Baiyan Huang) #4

Thanks Ryan